Saturday, April 16, 2011

Running to Help Japan in Cape Breton Post

I was happy to see when I got up this morning that my Running to Japan project had been written about in the Cape Breton Post. The CB Post is a local newspaper in Nova Scotia, Canada. It's the paper that I grew up reading and it is nice that people back home can see what I am doing here in Japan to try to help those less fortunate than me.

I hope that this story might drum up some more donations and support for my project. I plan to extend this project to more than just my 60k run in June. Hopefully throughout the year and beyond I can raise a lot more. If things go well, I will raise my fundraising goal.

My story in the Cape Breton Post.

This week was good as far as training went. I finished the week at 62km and I'm aiming for about 70km next week. my first long run went well today. next week I am aiming for 25-30km for my Sunday morning run. I'll try to get out the door earlier than today though.

Tomorrow will be the running of the Boston Marathon. It starts at 9:00am Boston time which is 10:00pm Japan Standard Time. I'm planning to watch it streaming over the internet. I will go for a short run tomorrow evening and then settle in to watch it in my computer room! Running the Boston Marathon is a goal I hope to achieve some day.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    My name is Cicely and I work for Save the Children in Canada. Thank you so much for your efforts and for your support of the work being done by my colleagues at Save the Children Japan.

    We will be cheering you on from Canada!

    Cicely McWilliam