Saturday, April 16, 2011

Running for Japan: Kilometers Building

Another week is done and my training is coming along better than I expected. My knee injury seems to be behind me (I hope....fingers crossed) and my blister issues seem to be working themselves out.

I actually just finished an interview with a newspaper in Canada before I wrote this blog post. When the story is out, i will of course share it with all of you awesome folks.

I am now officially at 34% of my fundraising goal. I am of course really excited about that. Now of course, my Running to Help Japan project isn't just a one time shot. I plan to run many races to raise money. I probably will raise my total fundraising goal.

In other running news, the 1st Kobe Marathon just opened for registration yesterday. I'll be running it for sure!!! (if I get a spot)

here I am last Sunday, post long-run with my future little adventure racer!

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