Friday, April 29, 2011

Great News and Project Biwa

It's a cloudy day here in Kobe and I'm expecting rain any time now. My legs feel great this morning even though I did my long run yesterday. I thought they would hurt more, but to be honest, I could easily run today. I won't though. I am forcing myself to take a day off from running. I realize that I physically could run, but overall, I'll benefit from a day off. A day to heal will make me just that much faster and stronger.

I heard some great news today from a few different sources. First, thanks to the help of my friend Steve Miller, aka, qiranger on You Tube, i have my first little sponsorship by a company. It is small, but I think it's going to be very cool and useful on my running journey this year. I will tell you more in tomorrow's blog post (I wanna test it out first).

Second, while chatting with my parents in Canada this morning I found out that my family, including extended family, collected funds for Running to Help Japan. They will donate a nice chunk of change to the Running to Help Japan project. I was amazed and so happy. A lot of children in northern Japan will benefit from so much generosity.

I made a video yesterday while on my long run. In this video I also mention another charity event going on in Japan. My online friend Dimitri is doing something called Project Biwa. He will cycle around Japan's largest lake, Lake Biwa during the last weekend of May and document it through photos. he is doing this to attract tourists back to Japan and raise funds as well to help in the relief efforts after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Check out my most recent Running to Help Japan video blog:

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