Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Did it!

Long story short, "I did it!" Today was the big day for Running to Help Japan. Today was my 60km run. I completed the entire 60 kilometers in 6:38:55.

This was easily the most difficult thing I have ever done. i have never experienced so much pain or emotion doing something. Now, I have heat rash on my feet, an amazing sunburn (I applied sunscreen several times) and VERY sore legs.

I can't wait to go to bed early tonight.

Tomorrow, I will write a detailed run report and tell you guys all a lot more. Now, I sleep!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Running to Help Japan: Where I'll run

Here it is folks. My “Running to Help Japan” 60k route this Saturday. I’ll be running this 20km loop three times. I know this area very well since these are regular training areas for me. I think it’s best to stick close to home and run in familiar territory.
Aside from the bridge between Port Island and Kobe Airport Island, it is a pretty flat course.

I’ll start at about 5-5:30am to try to beat some of the heat. Unfortunately, it has been very humid here this week. I’ll have to be very aware of my hydration and make sure I’m getting enough liquid.

Here are some maps of my route:

Remember to follow me on twitter that day. That is how I will be making my live updates. Also, since I am using the Runmeter iPhone app to track my run, when you tweet me a message, a voice reads it to me. That’s great motivation.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brooks Trance and Karl Meltzer

I went to Sportsword in Kobe yesterday with full intentions of buying another pair of ASICS GT 2160s. They are a decent stablity shoe that served me fairly well. I used to wear the ASICS Gel Kayanos, but after a few years needed a change. The 2160s were good and offered me the stability I needed (I have low arches), but I had a lot of blister issues with them.

While at SportsWorld, I saw something I've never seen in Japan. I saw Brooks running shoes for sale. They had all the latest and some of last year's models for sale. I did a quick search on Google (on my phone) and read that the Brooks Trance were a highly rated stability shoe.

I picked up the Brooks Trance 9's for 7,000Yen. the sticker price was 13,000. A nice bargain. I was excited to try them this morning for my 12k run. After one run, they felt quite nice. They were relatively light, felt supportive and after the run, no sign of rubbing that might lead to blisters. So far so good!

WEATHER UPDATE....looks like the June 25th Running to Help Japan 60k will be done in the rain. It is supposed to rain everyday for the next week or more. Rainy season is alive and well in Japan. I suppose I have to look at the bright side. Running in the rain is far better than running in the blistering heat!

Recently I have ben hearing more and more about a pretty inspiring athlete. Karl Meltzer is an incredible ultra runner from the United States. I have been watching a lot of videos about him recently. He is an inspiratation for sure!

Last year, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express, he ran the entire length of it. he ran 2,064 miles (3,302 kilometers) in 42 days! Amazing!

A video blog I made today:

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Running to Help Japan(走って日本を助ける)

私は、神戸在住のカナダ人教師のケヴィン オーシェイといいます。今年3月11日に東北地方をおそった地震、津波、原子力発電所の災害は本当に悲劇でした。この災害の後、私は何か手助けしたいと思いました。そこで、走る事に貪欲な一人のランナーとして、私は「走って日本を助ける」ことを決心しました。2011年の間に、募金団体『セーブ ザ チルドレン ジャパン(東北地方の子供たちの支援活動を行っています)』への募金を募るためにいくつかのイベントで走ることを計画しています。
6月25日、私は60kmのウルトラマラソンを神戸で走ります。他のイベント同様に『セーブ ザ チルドレン』の募金を募るため今年末に大阪マラソンにも参加する予定です。
あなたも募金をすることで子供たちを助けることができますよ。どんな小さな金額でも結構です。ウェブサイト「Running to Help Japan(走って日本を助ける)」のベージ下から募金団体へアクセスできます。


My name is Kevin O'Shea and I am a Canadian teacher living in Kobe, Japan. The March 11th earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster were a true tragedy. After this happened, I wanted to do something to help. An avid runner, I have decided to create "Running to help Japan." Throughout 2011, I plan to run in several events in order to raise money for Save the Children Japan and their work with children in the Tohuko region.

On June 25th, I will run a 60km ultra marathon in Kobe, Japan. Later this year I will be running the Osaka Marathon as well as other events in order to raise funds for Save the Children.

You can help by making a donation. Any amount helps. You can visit the Running to Help sponsor page below and donate:

Thank you
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New shoes, Sore knees, Sponsors and Bacon

With less than two weeks to go before the Running to Help Japan 60km run, I'm getting excited. I'm also getting a little nervous. I have of course never run this distance before, but I know that it will happen! I plan to add some walking in whenever necessary (I'm sure it will be necessary).

As the time for the run approaches, I have had a resurgence in interest and activity with Running to Help Japan. Several online friends and supporters have sent me wonderful gifts to aid me with my run. I have also had so many kind messages of support on You Tube, my blogs and Twitter. I more than appreicate everything you guys are doing for me and more importantly, I appreciate everything you are doing for Save the Children Japan and their work with the kids in the Tohuko region!

Last Sunday was my last longish run before June 25th. I decided to go out for a run last night, but was disappointed with how tired my legs were. I also came to the realization that it is time for a new pair of shoes.

I wear the ASICS Gel 2160s. they are a wonderful stability shoe that have served me well. As someone with low arches, I need a stable shoe that is light and durable. This one definitely fits the bill. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, I sometimes have to wear pairs of shoes longer than I would like. To be honest, I should have retired this pair more than 100 km ago! I plan to pick up a new pair on Thursday after work. Thursday night's run will be a glorious one I'm sure.

I'm hoping that as the Running to Help Japan project continues and more running events go on, I can approach some various shops or companies to sponsor me with some gear. That would help a lot! The wonderful folks at Runmeter (an iPhone running app) have supported Running to help Japan by gifting me their amazing app (which I use for all my runs) and hopefully, some other fine folks might do the same!

Speaking of running and running fuel. What do you think of this bad boy? Only in Japan!

That is a bacon wrapped onigiri (rice ball) for sale at my local 7-11! Now remember, I do live in japan. I doubt this would sit well in my stomach before or during a run.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 25th the Run happens

The date for the 60km run is June 25th. It will start at 5:00am Japan Standard Time.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm training again!

I have indeed begun running again! You may have noticed the numbers on my Daily Mile widget have started changing.

Game on!

More to come soon ...