Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lots of Help From Friends

The week has been off to an amazing start! As I'm writing this post, Running to Help Japan has raised $1,662.00. I raised my overall goal to $5000 and I'm confident we can hit that amount for sure! Thank you so much to everyone for donating and spreading the word about my little charity event. To be very honest, when I committed myself to this project I would have ben happy with raising a few hundred dollars, but the response has ben overwhelming.

You can se my route for this morning's 12k-ish run. I ran a hair under 12k in 59 minutes. It was a great fun for sure. I recorded this data with the RunKeeper iPhone app. That7s the one I will be using to record my big run in June. I record every training run I do using it. It is a great way to create a database of maps and running routes in Kobe.

I wanted to show you guys a recent video by the two Canadian You Tubers. FindMeInKurume is based in Kurume, Japan and ozzy78 is in Canada. They made an AMAZING video to promote my Running to Help Japan project!

I was also mentioned on the most recent episode of the AMAZING Japan Talk Podcast! A special thanks to Edward Chimura for helping me out. You can listen to the episode here.

I also shot a couple of video blogs thanking some people who have helped promote my run to raise money for Save the Children Japan and their important work in northern Japan.

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