Monday, April 25, 2011

Osaka Marathon Here I Come

Alright, I mentioned in previous posts and videos that my 60k ultra run in June would just be the start of things for my Running to Help Japan project. Today I found out another running and fundraising goal for 2011. I was able to get a slot in the 2011 Osaka Marathon. Much like Tokyo Marathon, Osaka Marathon had a lottery system set up. Far more people are interested in running the race than there are spots so you apply and then are selected. I found out this evening that I am in! On October 30th I will try to run somewhere in the 3:45range. I will also try to raise a lot more money for Save the Children Japan!

Their slogan may sound weird, but I am very excited to be running in the 1st ever Osaka Marathon this October!

I would like to than my good friend Edward over at the Japan Talk podcast for again, shouting out the Running to Help Japan project. With his support and help, I have definitely been able to raise more funds to help the kids in the devastated areas of Japan. I also want to thank everyone who has sponsored me so far!

As for running, today was a much needed day off for my legs and I am VERY eager to get back soon the road early tomorrow morning. This is a four-day workweek for me since the Golden Week holiday in Japan begins Friday. I plan to run a 35-40k long run this Friday if all goes well.

I have also discovered something rather awesome that has been making running more enjoyable lately. I am a huge fan of listening to podcasts while running and I subscribed to the 3 Non Joggers podcast recently. It's about running and a lot of other stuff. Most importantly, it is funny as hell and very entertaining! I highly recommend listening to the 3 Non Joggers if you are in any way interested in running!

Here is a nice story about some generous strangers helping people in evacuation centers in Japan.

You can of course sponsor me and my Running to Help Japan project by clicking on the button below. Funds go directly to Save the Children's disaster response here in Japan.

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