Saturday, December 31, 2011

Running has begun

Hey there folks! It has been a long time since I have posted in this space and I am finally back. Not only am I back, but the "Running to Help Japan" project has begun again. In 2011 we raised almost $4000.00 for Save the Children Japan and their efforts in helping the youngest victims of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. In 2012 I plan a series of running events to raise more funds for Save the Children and their ongoing work in Tohoku.

In 2011 I ran a home made 60km ultra marathon as well as the Osaka and Kobe Marathons to help raise funds for Save the Children Japan.

What are Save the Children doing in Japan today?

Save the Children is focusing on 3 major areas:

1. Child Protection

2. Education

3. Child Friendly Communities

1. Child protection

· Save the Children is helping children with their psychological and social recovery by setting up playgrounds, parks and indoor play facilities throughout the effected areas.

· They are working with local organizations and governemtn and have created day care and after school programs for students.

· Where necessary, Save the Children has helped renovate and even build new community centers where people to go.

· They are supporting 115 day care centers called Gakudo and supplying many school meals.

· They are creating “play zones” where children can be with friends and feel comfortable.

2. Education

· Supporting schools by contributing musical instruments, school lunches, learning materials and stationary and transportation so children can take part in after school activities.

· 1500 scholarships have been created for children whose parents lost their livelihood (especially in fishing industry).

· Save the Children has set up an innovative E-Learning program where primary and middle school students are mentored and taught by university students. Univeristy students in Tokyo mentor and help these younger students in Miyagi and Iwate prepare for classes they will take in high school.

3. Child Friendly communites

· They are setting up clubs and events throughout the effected region where children can express themselves and share their feelings during the rebuilding process.

· STC have been building children’s centers, buildings that host many children’s clubs. Children will use these community hubs as a platform to make their voce heard and host community events.

· STC is working on advocacy. They are working to promote children’s rights on a local and national level.

· Save the Children will set up a research facility in Sendai to serve as a hub of global knowledge on the role of children and affected communities in disaster-risk reduction and emergency response planning. The institute will commission original research, will establish a worldwide network of experts, and will use the Internet to disseminate its knowledge base.

In 2011 I ran a 60km ultra marathon as well as the Osaka and Kobe Marathons to raise funds. In 2012 I will run more marathons and do something REALLY BIG to raise awareness! Maybe a home made 80km run or maybe....maybe a 100km run.

You can DONATE to Running to Help Japan! Any amount helps.