Friday, May 27, 2011

Running to Help Japan Update

Running to Help Japan is a project I decided I wanted to do almost immediately upon the disaster in Japan striking. I knew that, while I was somewhat physically unfit at the time, I could bring myself to my former marathon running level of fitness within a few months. I certainly did. As of to weeks ago, I was definitely ready to run a full marathon. Would it have been my fastest time? Probably not, but I was ready to do it.

When I run my almost marathon and a half to raise money for Save the Children Japan, it won’t be a race to set a personal record or break a certain time. I will be running to accomplish my goal, will be running to finish and say thank you to the wonderful people who donates so generously to Running to Help Japan.

Unfortunately, my training ha hit a few bumps and snags within the last week and a half. I realized last week that I was suffering from some of the symptoms of overtraining. I was simply pushing myself a little too hard and needed a rest. My last 8km run (a distance that is relatively short for me) actually felt as if I had run a full marathon when I woke up the following morning. I sent this out on Twitter and several runners, all with far more experience than me, suggested I take more than a day or two of. Five days to a week would let my legs rest and I would be a stronger runner for it. I thought it sounded like a great plan.

This past Monday I was psyched. I was going to run Tuesday morning. Problem was, when I got home from work something didn’t feel right. I was beginning to get sick.

I wasn’t the only one, several coworkers were as well and I suppose it was my turn. By Wednesday thing were really rough for me. I could barely drink water since my throat hurt so much. On Thursday I had to leave work and go home and to the doctor. It ends up I had strep throat.

I am now on medicine and have been resting. It’s now Saturday morning and I am not ready to run today either. I am feeling much better, but not healthy. Was hoping I could hit the road tomorrow, but Typhoon Songda is suppose to say “Hello” to us sometime early Sunday morning!

This break in training hasn’t helped me get ready for my June 12th Running to Help Japan ultra date.
For the sake of being able to finish this project, it looks as if I will probably postpone it until the following weekend (maybe later). I just won’t be fit enough by the 12th and I want to get at least one more 30+km long run in. Hopefully I can run that one next weekend and then have some time to taper. Mind you I suppose this time off has been a taper, but a taper to just resuming training!

I am thinking either June 18-19th now for the date of the run. A new challenge then arises, the heat of Japan in the summer. I will be really hot and humid and I’m sure that by mid-morning temperatures will be close to 30C. Ah well, as long as I’m well hydrated and run a lot in the shade I will be fine.

On a more positive and awesome note, my good friend in Chicago, John Pham sent me a little supply pack to help me with my ultra run. These are just some of the awesome things I will be carrying with me on the big day to fuel me through my run!


  1. Good luck for your run and for your training.

    It's ok if you postpone the run, we don't want to see you broken :s

    I hope you get better soon ! o/

  2. @mythoss thanks so much! I appreciate it. I also don7t want to break myself doing it!

  3. Good to hear that you're taking it easy when you need. to. List to that body of yours my friend! I can't wait to see you complete this!