Sunday, May 8, 2011

Great Week and Runmeter iPhone Running app contest to come

This week was great for so many reasons. I was off work for most of it due to the Golden Week holiday here in Japan. I did have to work on Friday and Saturday, but pretty much had an entire week off. I took the opportunity to run and walk almost 100km!

I went hiking on Tuesday. It was the first time I had in about a month and only the second time in 2011. I forgot how absolutely brutal hiking can be on you legs in so many different ways than running. I took it as a great cross-training exercise! i also had the chance to try geocaching for the first time with You Tube viewer "EsperRanger." It was fun for sure.

I logged another 30+km long run today and plan a longer one next weekend.

In way cool news, the fine people at Runmeter (the most advanced iPhone app for runners) have offered to throw a few free apps my way to use as giveaways. I am still thinking about how I will do this. I am probably going to make a video about it later this week on my BusanKevin You Tube channel. If you can do something to promote Running to Help Japan (on Twitter, facebook, You Tube, a blog, newsaper, etc.) and are interested in getting the Runmeter app for free (retails for $4.99 U.S.), you can contact me and I may have a raffle! Just so you all know, Runmeter is the app I will be using throughout my Running to Help Japan project to collect all the data and create the maps of my running. I've ben using it for for about 2 weeks now and am loving it!

Here are a few picture from my hike earlier this week on Mt. Rokko right here in Kobe, Japan.

You can donate to Running to Help Japan here:

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