Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New shoes, Sore knees, Sponsors and Bacon

With less than two weeks to go before the Running to Help Japan 60km run, I'm getting excited. I'm also getting a little nervous. I have of course never run this distance before, but I know that it will happen! I plan to add some walking in whenever necessary (I'm sure it will be necessary).

As the time for the run approaches, I have had a resurgence in interest and activity with Running to Help Japan. Several online friends and supporters have sent me wonderful gifts to aid me with my run. I have also had so many kind messages of support on You Tube, my blogs and Twitter. I more than appreicate everything you guys are doing for me and more importantly, I appreciate everything you are doing for Save the Children Japan and their work with the kids in the Tohuko region!

Last Sunday was my last longish run before June 25th. I decided to go out for a run last night, but was disappointed with how tired my legs were. I also came to the realization that it is time for a new pair of shoes.

I wear the ASICS Gel 2160s. they are a wonderful stability shoe that have served me well. As someone with low arches, I need a stable shoe that is light and durable. This one definitely fits the bill. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, I sometimes have to wear pairs of shoes longer than I would like. To be honest, I should have retired this pair more than 100 km ago! I plan to pick up a new pair on Thursday after work. Thursday night's run will be a glorious one I'm sure.

I'm hoping that as the Running to Help Japan project continues and more running events go on, I can approach some various shops or companies to sponsor me with some gear. That would help a lot! The wonderful folks at Runmeter (an iPhone running app) have supported Running to help Japan by gifting me their amazing app (which I use for all my runs) and hopefully, some other fine folks might do the same!

Speaking of running and running fuel. What do you think of this bad boy? Only in Japan!

That is a bacon wrapped onigiri (rice ball) for sale at my local 7-11! Now remember, I do live in japan. I doubt this would sit well in my stomach before or during a run.

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