Monday, March 28, 2011

Day of rest and recovery

Last night I announced to the world, my little running project to raise money for Save the Children. I have been touched by so many nice comments left on my two You Tube channels. I have also been so pleased at already receiving a couple of donations! THANK YOU!

I'm giving my legs a rest today. I don't want to over train so early into my preparations for June's run. Tomorrow morning I will hit the road in new shoes (ASICS GT-2120 New Yorks). I'm pretty sure that the last pair I had were the direct reason for a knee injury I suffered from and still cope with a little. Since they are new shoes I'll just do a short 5k "test run" in them tomorrow morning to see how they feel.

Remember to check out my fundraising page here!

I came across this very cool video about people in Washington D.C. supporting Japan:

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